Black Lives Matter for ESL & ELL Students

Artwork by Danielle Cook @ohhappydani

While preparing to have a discussion about Black Lives Matter with ESL students, I wanted to make a quick resource for vocabulary so students could partake in the discussion. As I prepped, I reflected and realized I needed to keep adding to the lesson. My hope is that these activities will help you have open and honest discussions in your classrooms and with your students.

This packet includes: a brief text on the Black Lives Matter movement, vocabulary, slogans and discussion questions, create a slogan and hashtag worksheet, reflecting on art worksheets, a poem, and discussion questions for using music in the classroom based on this topic.

The full packet is FREE and available on my resource page here.

Vocabulary and slogans
Reflecting and writing about art
Using poetry and music

It is my greatest hope that these activities will be useful for you and your classroom. I’d love to hear any feedback. Leave a comment below or on my TpT store.

Happy Teaching 🙂

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  1. Kathleen Hershner

    Hey Kim…GREAT module! Looks like you’re keeping busy. 🙂
    Maybe adding a little Toni Morrison to the lesson could be interesting. She died just last year and people are recalling her work a lot during the BLM movement. I found this:
    ….might be a good listening comprehension exercise? Usually, NPR creates an accurate transcript of the interviews as well, meaning it’s one less thing to do.

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