You’re a Smartie!

I once read an article that said students want to feel that their teacher believes in them. That always stuck with me. 

I’m a HUGE fan of setting-up our students for success on test days. One of the best ways they can go into an assessment is feeling encouraged & believed in by their teacher. 

Recently, my students had to do multiple timed-writing assessments as part of their curriculum. For their final timed-writing test, I made these simple encouragement notes that also included a writing check-list on the back. Not only did they smile & enjoy a sweet snack at the beginning of class, but they were able to check their writing with this check-list at the end. 

Get the FREE printable PDF in my resources page or here on TpT. 

*The downloadable file says “Happy Writing Day!” instead of “Happy Final Writing Day!”. 

– The ESL Girl 

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