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I have now been in Uganda for over 6 weeks!!

This past weekend I had my first true “home-sick” feeling and a few rough hours. Nothing happened here to bring it on, but homesickness has a way of just popping up and causing all kinds of emotions. If there’s anything I learned from 4 years in Korea, it’s that these feelings are always temporary, and usually very temporary. I knew I just had to ride it out and that I’d probably feel better in the morning.

Sure enough, Sunday morning I woke up full of energy, went for a walk, out to lunch and shopping at the market. No feelings of home-sickness lingered at all and I had a renewed excitement to be in Uganda. (It’s a strange rollercoaster haha).

Things have been going pretty well over all. I’ve started settling into some courses at the university. I’m working on a workshop for graduate students in the capital for next week. And very exciting, I’ll be partnering with the African Leadership Institute (AidChild) as part of my fellowship. I’ll be teaching a class on writing and critical thinking skills to secondary students living at the institute. This is the same place I stayed when I first arrived in Uganda and played games with the students! I’m very excited to partner with this amazing organization. Check out their website here.

I’m trying to study and practice Luganda, the local language here. English is widely used, but I enjoy greeting people in Luganda and “fitting in” in anyway possible. I even set up some tutoring starting next week!

As for social life, it has been slow. Of course I’ve met people at my university, but meeting people in town has been a bit tough. When I meet any foreigners, they are usually tourists or are not living in Entebbe since it’s the airport city. I’m happy to report I went out on a Friday night this past week! I made my way to The Rolex Guy, a restaurant in town that has a Trivia Night! A Rolex is a common and popular food here in Uganda. I think it gets its name because it’s rolled eggs = “roll egg”. It’s delicious and I’ve eaten way too many already in these 6 short weeks. On Sunday, I had the chance to have dinner with some others. We walked to have a drink near Lake Victoria and and had dinner in their home. It was so nice to get out and just have some regular conversation with others.

Trivia Night at The Rolex Guy
Our walk to have a drink near the lake
Enjoying the beautiful view at Lake Victoria

Today is Uganda’s National Independence Day, so we didn’t have work! This morning I thought I’d try ordering food to my apartment for the first time. Of course I went for a Rolex. Thankful for these little things that make me feel more at home than just a tourist.

Thank you Thank you Thank you for your continual support & prayers! It means so so much knowing I have such a strong support system back home.


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