Argumentative Writing: Making it Interactive!

Do you enjoy argumentative writing/speaking units? I personally enjoy them because the topics allow for some great discussions in class. 

For ESL students, students must learn important sentence stems they can use in many discussions and writing tasks beyond argumentative writing. 

For students in general, argumentative writing teaches them how to support their opinions, or how to use evidence to support a point of view. That’s something students will need to do in their academic writing over and over. 

The number #1 activity students need is the chance to notice model writing. We look at an entire essay and then dig into specific paragraphs.

The bubbles around the texts asks students to think about and discover writing on their own. It also has them interact with the text: high-light the claim, different arguments, supporting details and so on. 

The lesson I’ve made and use includes multiple pages of example claims, counterarguments, and refutations. Students work together to write their own from many practice prompts.

Download the whole packet here

For a free download of Writing Argumentative Claims click here

For a free download of 22 pages of argumentative discussion in class click here

I’d love to hear if you use any of the lessons! Happy Writing!

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