A Fellow Abroad

I’m honored to have been selected as an English Language Fellow through the United States Department of State & Georgetown University.  

Fellows serve in various countries. I will be the only Fellow in Uganda. 

I will be going to Entebbe, Uganda in August, 2019 for 10 months. My duties will primarily include teacher training in the education department at Nkumba University. Other duties and projects include creating curriculum and materials, visiting schools in the community, partnering with the teacher’s organization UNELTA (Uganda National English Language Teacher’s Association), and serving with AidChild Leadership Institute (ALI). ALI is a great non-profit in Entebbe working to give development and leadership skills to young adults living with HIV. See their website here

At the moment, I’m preparing to go to Washington D.C. for my pre-departure orientation and then I’m off to Uganda. Stay tuned for more updates on this blog as I prepare and get settled abroad!

Prayer Needs: 

1. Health & Safety. 

2. Albino is not living in Uganda for the 10 months, but only visiting. Pray for our relationship and communication as it will be long distance. 

3. Relationships in Uganda. I could be worried about all the unknowns about my apartment, diseases, classes, internet, water, visas, and electricity but I’m truly hoping to form good relationships from the beginning. This is my prayer and hope because I know that all those other worries can be taken care of if I have a good friend or two in country. I pray that all communication with my superiors, colleagues, neighbors, students, and other expats starts well. 

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